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Australian Solar Installations helps home owners and businesses break free of the burden of ever-rising electricity costs. With the cost of electricity continuing to rise, and a generous government solar incentive, there’s never been a more important or affordable time to make the switch to solar. At Australian Solar Installations, we provide no-obligation, free in-house power assessments, where our experienced energy consultants provide a complete power analysis, and understanding of just how much you can benefit from harnessing the power of the sun.

Homeowners with solar systems enjoy the financial freedom from rising electricity bills and the comfort and pride of bettering the planet. With numerous environmental and economic benefits, no other electricity-producing system is comparable to photovoltaic solar electricity. Join more than one-third of Australian homes, whose owners have gone from renting their power (and at the mercy of the power companies) to owning their power through solar.

Why Australian homeowners are going solar

– Own your electricity instead of renting it…You own your home, why do you rent your electricity?
– The government is contributing $ towards assisting you to go solar
– Protect yourself against electricity inflation
– Add significant re-sale value to your home
– Earn a safe and solid return on your investment
– Make an environmental statement to your community
– Reduce Australia’s dependence on fossil fuels

Financing options

Our financing options make PV solar systems an affordable option for every homeowner, making the switch even more achievable. Speak to us about the variety of finance options available, that allow you to make the switch with $0 deposit.

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Clean Energy Council

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