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Being highly respected in the industry, since 2010, Australian Solar Installations has installed over 2000 residential and major commercial solar projects. 

Solar Design and Installation

We provide a complete design and installation service for grid connected PV systems, Hybrid PV systems and off grid PV systems. We have the skills and experience to measure your current power usage, project your future usage and then design a system for you that will suit your needs for many years to come. This might be for a 1kw system or a 1000kw commercial system. Let us map our your system with you and deliver a quality system that suits your needs.

Consumption Study

Energy costs are a significant cost for many businesses. We have the tools to measure your current energy usage and also can estimate your future energy usage very accurately. By obtaining these baseline measures and working closely with you, we are able to give you a realistic overview before you outlay any money for a system.

Solar PV water heating

If you want to maximise the benefit of your existing solar PV system ask us about the Catch Power device that can divert excess power produced by your solar system to your water heater instead of sending it back to the grid for little or no return.

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