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The financial outcome of solar can vary considerably from one property to another. We excel in financial forecasting, assessing the viability of solar for your home or business so you can answer the most important question: “Is it worth it?” We help you work out quickly and accurately if solar is right for you. We detail what can be achieved for you by a thorough analysis of your power usage.

Every Australian Solar Installations project undergoes a stringent analysis and we work closely with clients to establish the best way to deliver the economic benefits of the solar system. Australian Solar Installations delivers solar projects to Australian property owners with these goals: to help clients reduce operating expenses, to increase profitability, and to become more competitive.

Solar Design and Installation

We provide a complete design and installation service for grid connected PV systems, Hybrid PV systems and off grid PV systems. We have the skills and experience to measure your current power usage, project your future usage and then design a system for you that will suit your needs for many years to come. This might be for a 1kw system or a 1000kw commercial system. Let us map our your system with you and deliver a quality system that suits your needs.

Solar Inverters

Consumption Study

Energy costs are a significant cost for many businesses. We have the tools to measure your current energy usage and also can estimate your future energy usage very accurately. By obtaining these baseline measures and working closely with you, we are able to give you a realistic overview before you outlay any money for a system.

Consumption Study

Grid Connected PV System

We design and install quality solar PV systems for your home or business. Our designs only use the best components that ensure maximum system performance and are fully supported by manufacturer warranties. A grid connected PV system is a very cost effective solution to reduce your power bills for your home or business for years to come. By producing and consuming your own power through the day you are reducing your energy costs and reducing the reliance on the national energy grid. This in turn is positive for the environment as it reduces the demand for electricity produced by CO2 emitting electricity generators. Of course you need to ensure you can use the power your system produces for it to work effectively for you. If a large portion of your daily energy consumption is in the evening you could consider a Hybrid PV system.

Grid PV

Hybrid PV System

A hybrid PV system is a grid connected PV system that incorporates deep cycle batteries. This allows you to capture the power your system generates through the day for you to use at night. Our hybrid PV systems are intelligent systems that allow you produce, store and use your power as you require. Our systems also allow you to take advantage of your electricity retailers’ time of use pricing structure. Australian Solar Installations can design and install your intelligent Hybrid PV system. Our designs ensure reliable functionality and maximise your return on investment. Our Intelligent Hybrid PV systems ensure you have a continuous and reliable power supply.

My Grid

Off Grid PV System

Our off grid PV systems are extremely reliable and effective standalone power systems. If you do not have access to the grid or if the cost of connecting to the grid is too high our off grid systems can provide you with a power source to suit your needs and budget. Whether you need an off grid solution for your home or business Intilec can design and install your system. Our systems incorporate only those components that have proven reliability and are well supported by the manufacturer.

Battery Inverters

Energy Efficiency

If your business operation consumes large amounts of power, a detailed consumption study can help identify areas where energy efficiencies can be applied. Intilec can undertake a detailed consumption study for your business and offer the most effective solutions to ensure you consume energy as efficiently as possible. Through our own data logging procedure we can break down the different areas within your operations to identify those that could be targeted with efficiency solutions.

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